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This made me feel like reading a very well written detective novel. One of the most interesting text games that I have played.


Wow, this is my favorite text based game I've played in a long time!

I think it's a really novel and interesting way to reveal an investigation. I loved how sometimes when I clicked on the next piece of evidence the camera would fly across the screen to reveal some new information connected to something already known. I also liked the way the information itself was very thoughtfully organized, with various clear areas of interest: the timeline, the map, the body, etc... I would love to see a detective game where the process of solving the investigations is visualized in a manner similar to this. 


Thanks! I spent quite a while on the layout - I tried to make it so that some of the information would flow as if it was building to a resolution, and other details would just raise more questions about earlier info. Really glad you liked how it ended up :)