Gameplay trailer for A Hand With Many Fingers

Hi everyone!

Just wanted to share the new gameplay trailer for A Hand With Many Fingers!

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Hey is the demo gone now? Was looking to get a little farther, but it got deleted off my machine.. 


Hey! Yeah I took down the demo because a lot's changed and it's not a really good representation of the final product anymore... If you chuck me an email at I can just send you through the demo build again? Or if you're interested in beta testing the latest version I could send that through instead?

Cool, just emailed ya!

Hi Colestia, 

I am very impressed with your Game "Hand with Many Fingers" & would love to access a Mobile/Android Version if possible. 

I would also like to remain connected to your Gaming Reviews & comments here on Itch in regards to this game, as I am currently undertaking a PhD Research Project on the Nugen Hand Bank & it's links to the Financing of Espionage, Assassinations, Military Coups, Overthrowing of Soverign States & the Contemporary Drug & Espionage operations still operating among the Original Nugen Hand Bank Networks & Trade Routes. 

I think it would be fantastic to continue the building & development of "A Hand with Many Fingers" Game, potentially with the view to release to the Mainstream Gaming Community operating on Playstation & XBox. 

FYI Both Sony Playstation & Microsoft XBox have been implicated in the Contemporary Operations of the Nugen Hand Bank Network & efforts are currently under way to shift ownership of both the Playstation & XBox to Respected & Courageous Gaming Developers. 

One example of such courageous Gaming Developers is Sega & their Yakuza Series, which Traditionally has a Cult Following but is always increasing its Gaming Audience due to the realistic nature & story lines of the Game. 

XBox may potentially end up with Ubisoft, as they produce the Assassin's Creed Series. 

Just by the mention of these Two Games, Yakuza & Assassin's Creed, I hope to communicate the interest & authenticity these specific Game Developers have in these two specific Game Franchises & the Organised Crime & Espionage Topical Nature they focus on. 

I think "A Hand with Many Fingers" has the potential to be just as successful as the Yakuza & Assassin's Creed Franchises, potentially exploring different International Wars, Coups, Assassinations linked to the Nugen Hand Bank as a Potential Game series is released. 

Further details of the contemporary Nugen Hand Bank Networks & their operations will become Public Knowledge in the coming years, which provides further developmental material for "A Hand with Many Fingers" as a Game & will also increase the Public Interest in such a Game. 

Given your fantastic work & commitment in developing "A Hand with Many Fingers" I would really like to see you provided with access to the opportunity of working with highly respected & highly performing Game Developers such as those at Sega or Ubisoft to take your Original work to a whole new level of success. i

I will remain a member here at Itch so I am able to post comments, remain in contact & offer any appropriate contact information at such a time as my Research on the contemporary Nugen Hand Bank Network progresses to the point of being able to develop another instalment of "A Hand with Many Fingers" if you are indeed interested in such a proposal, I sincerely hope that you are & that my current research can also be widely disseminated through the platform of Gaming & not just Academia, Media, Film, or Law Enforcement avenues. 

And if there is a Mobile/Android version available of "A Hand with Many Fingers" I am of course highly interested. 

All of the wonderful reviews of your epic Game are uncannily & perfectly reflective of the Real Life experiences of Researching this Material. I have found reading such reviews to be highly comedic & refreshing, due to the stressful nature of this Research Project.

 Those who have been concerned for my well-being at agencies such as the UN, UNSC & UNODC have been greatly encouraged to hear I have been rolling around in laughter at reading the Reviews of "A Hand with Many Fingers" & have caused those concerned to relax somewhat & confidently proceed with international actions in response to this current Research Project. 

So thank you for such a great game, thank you for the Comedy provided by publishing the Reviews, which has genuinely assisted me to continue a very dangerous Research Project under a high level of Stress, Pressure & Threats against my life from Organised Crime, the CIA & various National Governments such as the USA & Australia. 

Trust me, such Governments have offered the opportunity to receive an "Honorary PhD Doctorate" in order for me to just go away, but I have refused, being intent on earning one legitimately & involving all relevant International Agencies & Governments to assist in the review, verification & dissemination of the material I am producing for appropriate action. The truth is, if something is not done on a Global Scale about this Network, then the current state of Global Security & Stability is at a serious risk of disruption & disintegration, this Nugen Hand Bank network has a limited life span & its drawing to a close in our generation. 

Please consider the possibility of developing your game further in the near future, in all seriousness. I believe it can be an integral aspect of the Global Community & Economy moving beyond the Harms & Damages this Network has caused for decades, particularly in regards to Wars, Terrorism, Incarceration Rates, & the War on Drugs. 

Thanks 😊


This game looks awesome. I'm definitely going to check it out. May I ask which engine you used


Thanks! And yeah it's made in Unity :)