A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

A Hand With Many Fingers is a first-person investigation game about a real Cold War conspiracy. Explore the CIA's murky history of drug smuggling, weapons trafficking, regime change, and assassination.
  • Uncover a historical conspiracy through non-linear archival research
  • Track your research and assemble new theories using in-depth corkboard and twine mechanics
  • Experience a story of creeping paranoia, inspired by the conspiracy films of the '70s and '80s


Praise for the demo:

"It’s a fantastic concept which delivers a very unique and authentic feeling take on investigative work. You really do feel like a detective as you pin your pieces of evidence to the board and slowly build your web of conspiracy. Highly recommended." - Alpha Beta Gamer

"Finally, my little heart can go pitter-patter in the basement of the archives, drowning out the hum of the air-conditioner as I start putting my nose where it doesn’t belong. Wait — what was that sound?" - RockPaperShotgun


PC - A Hand With Many Fingers Demo.zip 44 MB
OSX - A Hand With Many Fingers Demo.zip 49 MB
Linux - A Hand With Many Fingers Demo.zip 52 MB

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