A short game which depicts how we might reorganise the capitalist present into a postcapitalist utopia.

If you have feedback/comments, feel free to contact me by email at or on Twitter @colestia3.

Translations by Lucas Alves, Arkady and diorama!

Music: "Ghost" by Onda Suave

[Note: Downloadable builds are provided here for sake of completion only. The game was designed to be played in-browser, so the standalone versions may be buggy.]

If you have any comments/thoughts, feel free to get in touch via email at or on Twitter @colestia3. And if you like the games I'm making, please consider supporting me on Patreon! 


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Say, I think this game could really really use some kind of detailed explanation sheet about the links between each issue. I find them tenuous at best, and it might be difficult to understand for people who aren't familiar with communist theory.


I....did this game just make me a communist? And make me like it!? 

Amazing game either way i'm just having a bit of an existential crisis now xD


Great stuff--love the visible, interactive representation of the dialectic

This is as good as I got. Did anyone manage to create a complete utopia, or is it unattainable in the game? ecotersey postcapitalism


A full utopia is possible! You just have to do the "right-click and drag" interaction on the little blocks coming off the side of the level. For example, you can connect the two nodes in the bottom left of the screen (time is managed in the name of efficiency + unpaid labour is fundamental for capitalism). I absolutely could have explained that mechanic better, haha.


Fab! I got there. Nice, thoughtful & thought-provoking game.


Reminds me a bit of my game CityBuilder. Love the look and feel of your game! 

But i think the tutorial could be a bit more clear it feels a bit confusing somehow, maybe cut it in a few separate pieces or direct the player a bit more?

I'm actually in need of feedback on my game so if you have time that would be great!  And if you want me to share idea's and feedback about your game i would love to share anything i can come up with that might improves yours if your interested.


This is a nice comment section


Wonderful, a deep insight into benefitting all.  Also a very clever and educational game. I found this piece as a highs school senior and now as I am due to graduate my first university degree, I still find myself returning here to relive this experience, to remind me of why I do what it is I do. Thank you.





Communism is great. This is a game that says that capitalism will necesarily create a bad life for us all and that the only solution is to abandon capitalist principles and embrace communist ones.


I'm sure people from Venezuela love socialism just as much as the people in the comments.


Hi Troll




why all the dislike bombing in the comments

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socialism seems great, until you realize that very few have the incentive to work hard since being lazy will get them just about all the same stuff as someone who works hard their whole life in a socialist society. the result? economic collapse due to everyone being lazy. so all you will accomplish with full socialism is making everyone live roughly the same, in poverty.  like wise, if you go full capitalist, the rich and successful will just fill their wallets and again the common person will suffer. the solution? strike a balance. have capitalism but with socialist policys like universal healthcare and government paid collage for example. you dont want to go to far in either direction. 


clearly the solution to capitalism being awful is to just make it more sustainable so it can be awful for longer! also today I learned humans never do anything productive unless it makes their life better than someone else's.

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the problem with socialism is lack of incentive. you go socialist, people get lazy as why work hard if you get pretty much the same stuff as someone who works hard even if your lazy? the answer is you wont work hard. you will just sit back and let others do the work even if you dont realize it. that, or your children that are born into socialism will and so will their children and so on. except, everyone will be relying on everyone else to work hard and no one will be working hard so the economy would fall due to everyone being lazy. pretty soon, there wouldnt be much left. theres a famous quote that goes "capitalism is the worst economic system, except for all the others". capitalism may suck, but its better than everyone being really poor. theres another quote that explains what i was talking about earlier that goes: "socialism is great, until you run out of everyone else's money"

likewise, the problem with capitalism is that the rich just fill their wallets without regard for the average person.

the solution? a balance. in a perfect world, socialism or even communism would be great. but atlas, humans need incentive. maybe once we reach the "AI singularity" thats predicted to come in 40 years we can have socialism. until then, your stuck with a capitalism/socialism mix im afraid.

also, its not about making their life better than others necessarily. there just needs to be a reward for doing so or why bother? why bother researching and nerding out when you could have some quick fun on itch io instead of waiting 10 years for your nerdy hobbys to pay off? or doing your hobbys 24/7 and never do itch io? same reason socialism wont work: lazyness and/or a need for incentive/reward in a relatively short time period to do work. or at least to do more than the minimum

btw, sorry i took so long to respond. haven't been on in a while.


Socialism and communism are different things. Socialism isn't just "everyone has the same life and everything is owned by the state." And idk about you but I'm going into the field of genetics because I want to learn and I want to make a difference, not because I want to make money. If I cared more about money, I would be staying at my job and working my way upward, but instead I'm focusing on schooling, which is expensive and putting me in debt. Tell me again how the ability to go to school full time without having to work at an amusement park for minimum wage simply to survive would make me not want to pursue an education and career in my field?
Not everyone only cares about money. So if it weren't for capitalism, people like you could play on all day and people like me could actually achieve something without starving in the process. Just because your dreams revolve around money doesn't mean no one will ever do anything without money as a motivation.


all these butthurt marxist junkies thumbing you down because they don't have an argument to make


When you totally understand what socialism is

No, it's silly to assume that people would let society collapse under socialism. In your house, do you not clean your toilet because you don't have an incentive? Do you not clean because you don't have an incentive? Do you let your house fall appart around you because you don't have an incentive to fix it? 

In a world where our choices do matter and where we can decide things collectively, once we get rid of the State and bosses and do direct democracy in the cities and in our workplaces, we will necesarily feel responsible for the well being of the whole. People will naturally do the minimum work required to reach the standard of living they want.

Just think about it: if the people are in control and get the entire fruit of their collective labor, if they feel too poor, they'll just work harder to be less poor. If they feel like they work too hard, they'll figure out ways to work less without making sacrifices. We just have to stop thinking that our decisions and actions don't matter and can't change a thing, like we've always been taught!


love this a lot. really great way to learn and understand the relationship between everything!


over time all your changes go away


Everyone gets a free baloon!


Awesome game bro! im about to read the communist manifesto by karl marx soon.

btw really smooth design, good music too!


I remember playing this in high school about two years ago now and to this day, I love this game. Its only taken me forever to finally create an account on but i'm so glad to come back and say how amazing your work is, your concept absolutely resonates with me and this is very high on my recommendation list and i'll be sure to support you on Patreon!!!


A cool puzzle game, also educational


Lovely artwork.  Smooth animation.  Relaxing music.  The political messages here actually remind me why I admire capitalism above all other systems we humans govern ourselves with.

It's a nice concept, but I don't feel connected to the world and my interactions with the world are quite limited.


I love this gameplay device to show the interconnected evils of capitalsim!


This is great.  A simple way to teach these concepts, yet still sophisticated enough to show how there are multiple layers and everything is connected.  Really shows how hard it is to make radical changes.

Also, very nice graphical style.


Communism: Sounds good, doesn't work


Stalin was like, the only communism right? I have researched Stalin and Groucho Marx and... Adam Smith was a communism right? And who is that Lenin guy anyways? Trotswhat?

wow such a cogent point you sure got me smart guy i guess human rights are overrated


This is such a cool concept, executed really neatly. It's hard to balance fun against learning new stuff/drawing connections in a clear way, but this does both! I really loved it!


Wonderful job, I would help you with money, but currently I am unemployed (yeah, capitalism). 

I see that someone already translated this content to portuguese, so I also can't help you here unfortunately (I am brazilian), But I will show this game to all my marxists friends.


Hey, no worries - capitalism sucks, yeah... Just really glad you liked the game!

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I would like to translate this game into French to use it as a tool in debates and discussions with other activists in my country. Would you help me out, Colestia?


That would be amazing! Do you mind sending me an email at and we can work things out there?


Interesting piece. Guys, stop arguing about Soviet Union - most of you understand nothing about this country and why it collapsed. All of you don't understand why Stalin did what he did.

To those who love to mention 100 mil. deaths figure - how much people got killed because of greediness of market people? Let me remind you Iraq, Libya, Syria.


very nice because of the idealism, the game itself could be better tho


it's small and simple but nice and well executed






hey! so the game seems really cool and I'm excited to play it, but the right click button doesn't seem to work on Mac (I use control + click to right click.) Any tips on solving this? I'm playing blind here!!


nvm, found it


A neat little game, not anything id like play more then once, as I am into this stuff. but its enjpyable


I want to translate this game to portuguese! I'm teacher and I want it for my classes! Can we work this out, Colestia?


Sure thing! Could you send me an email at and we'll work something out?


I love the concept and music! This is a really cool game and I really enjoyed it.


Weird, I think the famines and gulags aren't functioning as intended.

Deleted 2 years ago

Stalin was like, the only communism right? I have researched Stalin and Groucho Marx and... Adam Smith was a communism right? And who is that Lenin guy anyways? Trotswhat? I know a lot about commonusm!!!

wow such a cogent point you sure got me smart guy i guess human rights are overrated


Jokes aside, why didn't you mention Mao in your little autistic tirade? Don't want to draw attention to the four pests campaign and the consequent mass starvation?


I tried to play the game but every time I clicked on something the city only got worse.

Deleted 2 years ago

Very neat game!  Many people are disillusioned by the crises of capitalism these days, so having a way to grapple with these issues in a (virtual) concrete way is entertaining and heartening at the same time.


Disillusioned? More like dead and/or starving


i beat it xD i love the music 

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Socialism = production resource is owned by society.

By this definition, socialism cannot co-exist with despotism, since a group of "leaders" cannot represent the society.

Europe is the most socialist place. As of China or SU, they are somewhat crony capitalism in nature.

Also, this game is not only about socialism. It is about human rights (e.g. the right to get education for free).


that is a very butchered down definition of socialism

Socialism is the social and economic system that values equality and freedom to its fullest extent. it socializes all production, social production is the dominant form of production under socialism, production for use, as well as this all resources of production are owned by society as a whole.

there is no "more" or "Less" socialist. you are socialist or you aren't

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Did I finished the game successfully?


Hey, the background colour will change from blue to green when you've changed every element. Try drawing connections between these elements: unemployment and the supermarket, waste and the department store, and the alarm clock in the bottom with the office at the top. Hope that helps!


That worked, thanks. Good game, congrats.



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